PopUp Painting: Your Sip & Paint Nights

Sip & Paint, Painting and prosecco, popup painting
Sip & Paint, Painting and prosecco, popup painting

PopUp Painting: Your Sip & Paint Nights With Some Of My Delights!

Unleash Your Inner Artist with PopUp Painting: Featuring some of my paintings for their Sip & Paint Themes!

Looking for a fun and creative way to spend an evening with friends? Look no further than PopUp Painting! They offer unique, themed sip and paint experiences that allow you to explore your artistic side, no matter your skill level.

But what truly sets PopUp Painting apart? The incredible team of practising artists, like myself –  Annie Dalton – That’s me… the one whose blog post you are reading!

Over the 10 years of working with PopUp Painting, I have enjoyed creating captivating simple paintings that spark all of the guests’ imagination. I say ‘simple’ because we only have 2 30-45 min slots to guide people step by step in creating a masterpiece! But you shouldn’t be shocked by that or let it put you off as it is quite amazing what people can achieve given a little encouragement and positive vibes.

Here are just a few of my original paintings that PopUp Painting offers as themes for maybe your next event

Art Deco, Seaside, Painting
Picasso, Cubists, Rose, Still Life, Flower
Monet, Banksy, Balloon Girl, Mash Up, Original
Art Deco, Cat, Black Cat, Cityscape
Monarch of the glen, landseer, painting , pop art, street art
Monkey, Laugh Now, street art
Elephant giving tulips, street art, animal art, elephants
klimt, Lady with a fan, fauvism

These are just a taste of some of the paintings I have created for events and just a tiny portion of what PopUp Painting has to offer. With a skilled artist as your guide, you can recreate these paintings to create your own masterpiece.

And if my little peak at some of my paintings doesn’t interest you, then you’re in luck because PopUp Painting offers a variety of themes to ignite your inner artist, from most of the popular classics, such as iconic works by Van Gogh to Pop Art nights, with vibrant, bold colours and a 60’s music playlist to immerse yourself even more in the theme.


Ready to unleash your inner artist?

Head over to the PopUp Painting website and browse the upcoming events.


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