Live Painting For Hilton Hotel

Annie Daltons Art, hilton hotel, painting
Annie Daltons Art, hilton hotel, painting

Live Painting For Hilton Hotel

Live painting session on the streets of London in September 2015. The photos displayed are a few images from the three-days outside.

All in aid of a bit of exposure for the new Hilton Hotel near Bankside. I sat on a corner along Southwark Street near London Bridge. I battled the wind (yes the easel did fall over and broke, unfortunately, but I got through it ha) for about 11 hours in total, a completely different work environment than usual, but I completed a canvas that depicts the new building and a massive fox…


‘A FOX? Why is there a fox?’


Well, it is a fox-themed hotel, and the story goes that a fox was their first customer! When they were building this new hotel, a fox was found sleeping inside. How lovely!

This modern 5-star hotel with a bronzed–metal facade is a 6-minute walk from Southwark tube station and a mile from the London Eye. Foxes are so much a part of city life that it’s nice for once to see them celebrated. They may have a bad reputation but they’re a little misunderstood creatures. All animals deserve to be protected even the wild ones.



Hilton Hotel Bankside, Fox, Painting, Annie Daltons art

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