Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Comparison is the thief of joy, Annie Daltons Art, popup painting
Comparison is the thief of joy, Annie Daltons Art, popup painting

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ — Theodore Roosevelt

This quote is so relevant to everyday life, but especially so at PopUp Painting events. Having been with PopUp Painting for 6 years now as an artist, I am constantly encouraging and praising people for what an amazing job they are doing whilst painting. There are often people who have never painted on a canvas since school, if at all. Seeing someone step out of their comfort zone, and having fun should be given a big fat high-fiving five!

However, whilst I’m doing that, I am often faced with phrases like ‘Oh it doesn’t look like the artist or ‘I can’t do this.’ I get frustrated by this. They are negative phrases that don’t belong in the creative process of the event… or anywhere in life really.

By comparing your masterpiece to another, you are taking away your ability to recognize the great qualities you have, be it a simple blend of tones or a tiny dot in an odd place that somehow balances everything out. The point: you have no reason to compare your canvas, (or yourself) because what you are doing (and who you are) and what I witness at every event, is creating your own exceptional, unique interpretation of a painting. Whether you realize it or not you are being creative. You are just being you. And being you are fab!

Don’t take that accomplishment away from yourself by saying something like ‘theirs is better”– Annie Dalton PopUp Painting Artist

The minute someone said yes to joining a PopUp Painting event, knowing they have no idea how to even hold a paintbrush, (I have seen some shocking ways of how people think a paintbrush should be held) they stepped outside that little zone of comfort. From that first moment, a decision was made to silence that voice that says ‘I can’t.

So, how do you eep that thief of joy called comparison at bay? The key is to keep that exceptional unique flame lit during a PopUp Painting event or in life or any activity that you might be freaking out about and leave the little seed of doubt to die a horrible dehydrated death!


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