What is a Vinalogy?

A Vinalogy is a Winebird illustrated way of wine based analogies or stories created to help YOU remember the characteristics of key grape varieties and styles.

winebird illustration bacchus

Bacchus - The Queen Titania of Wine Grapes

Winbird illustration cabernet franc painting

Cabernet Franc - The Old Professor of Wine Grapes

Tannat winebird illustration

Tannat - Ther Stern But Saucy Librarian of Wine Grapes

Carmenere winebird illustration

Carmenère - The Smokey Sorceress of Wine Grapes

Winebird Gruner Vetliner illustration daltonsart

Grüner Veltliner - The Spritley Old Mountain Goat Dude of Wine Grapes

Grenace winebird illustration

Grenache - The Farmer's Daughter of Wine Grapes.

carignan winebird illustration

Carignan - The Eliza Doolittle of Wine Grapes

Champagne illustration winebird

Champagne - The Hollywood of Wine Grapes

Winebird prosecco illustration

Prosecco - The Youthful TV Presenter of Wine Grapes

Cava wine bird illustration

Cava - The Gritty TV Actor of Wine Grapes

sangiovese winebird illustration

Sangiovese (Chianti) - The Italian Mamma of Wine Grapes

Sangiovese winbird illustration

Sangiovese (Brunello) - The Sexy Topless Gardener of Wine Grapes

winebird gamay illustration

Gamay - The Perky Redhead of Wine Grapes

winebird cabernet sauvignon illustration

Cabernet Sauvignon - The Rugby Player of Wine Grapes