Welcome earthling. Annie here. I have been breathing London air since I escaped from the mother ship, however unlike most people I had to wait 8 minutes for my twin to release herself before my feet could guide me. Yes... I was born backwards which could be viewed as a subconscious tactic to avoid facing the harsh world. However, over time I have transferred this ploy into disappearing into the solace of my imagination.

I grew up drawing, consuming illustrated books, absorbing animated films and having adventures in the garden. My work is fed by my interests in 80's films, folklore, literature, history, the arts, and the natural world. My influences are the ‘Golden Age’ illustrators. I employ traditional techniques, all my artwork is hand-drawn. I usually work with watercolour, pencil, and ink.
My personal animal illustrations are interpreted with a healthy dose of subversive humour and other times, my art has a more conceptual approach. I just love drawing and painting animals!
I am an Artist, Image maker, Picture creator, Visual image designer. Whatever you want to call it 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

At present I work with 'Pop-Up Painting and Events.' As an artist I help facilitate a fun evening of painting on a canvas, whilst enjoying a drink or two. I currently also work on commissions.

 Contact me for any projects email: daltonsart at hotmail dot com or via my contact page.

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