An affordable piece of art based on your suggestion; Name one animal and I will create a 20x20cm, original piece of art!

You may receive an Illustration, a drawing, a colour or black and white image or even a full painting. The outcome and concept of the artwork is up to me and the surprise of the final image will arrive through your post. Order at the shop. 

Please note this is a fun personal project only. Results of the project so far are below. If you would like to commission me for something else please get in contact via the contact form provided.  All rights reserved on all images. 

Baby Elephant Illustration Painting
Dragon Illustration painting
Seahorse Illustration painting 50's
Monkey Art Illustration Painting
Swollow Cocktail Illustration painting
orangutan arsenal Illustration painting
Labrador ice cream head dog
Horse art hat Illustration painting
owl Illustration painting
painting bird drinking coctail
meditating frog Illustration painting
ginea pig drinking wine Illustration painting
guinea pig painting illustration